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Do I Need a Trademark Attorney

Do I Need a Trademark Attorney?

By Jack Branowski
February 2017

Practically anything is capable of functioning as a trademark. This includes a word or phrase (IF IT IS GOYA IT HAS TO BE GOOD), a letter or letters (LV for pocketbooks), a number or series of numbers (346 for clothing), a sound (the sound of a ringing cash register for notification services that funds have been deposited), a color (pink for insulation) and packaging, (a fanciful bottle or label for alcoholic beverages).

While an applicant can file his or her own trademark application, attorneys who are familiar with trademark matters represent most applicants. Before you select, begin use of and build equity in your trademark, Baker and Rannells suggests a thorough search be conducted to determine whether your selected mark may be in conflict with an already existing mark.

Some trademark owners may have valid and protected trademark rights that do not result from federal registration with the USPTO and therefore may not appear in the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System database. Before ever filing a trademark application, a Baker and Rannells trademark attorney can conduct a more comprehensive search for potential problems with your use of a proposed mark. The attorney can then counsel you regarding use of the mark, recommend whether to file a trademark application, and advise you on your likelihood of success in the registration process.

Baker and Rannells has repeatedly been listed among the top 100 law firms by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the number of trademark applications it has successfully filed each year. The filing of a trademark application begins a legal proceeding having many legal requirements and strict time deadlines. Not all applied-for trademarks successfully register, and filing fees are not refundable. Whether you ultimately proceed on your own behalf or a trademark attorney represents you, all requirements of the Trademark Act and Trademark Rules of Procedure must be met.

Baker and Rannells has successfully prosecuted and maintain thousands of trademark applications and registrations throughout the world. Only as a result of its many years of trademark experience can Baker and Rannells assist you in selecting, filing, registering and developing your trademark.

Whether within the United States or internationally, Baker and Rannells offers trademark searches and can assist with expanding your trademark rights beyond U.S. borders. The prosecution of your trademark in the United States Patent and Trademark Office is only one aspect of Baker and Rannells’ trademark practice. Our trademark attorneys have established a reputation for enforcing your trademark in the market place. This includes enforcement actions, anti-counterfeiting measures and when necessary trademark infringement and counterfeiting actions in the Federal Courts.

For more information please contact Baker and Rannells, PA at

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Baker and Rannells, P.A. Celebrates New Corporate Headquarters with an Open House

By Jack Branowski
December 2016

Following the move into their new corporate headquarters, the law firm of Baker and Rannells, P.A., Intellectual Property Attorneys celebrated with an Open House.
The new Baker and Rannells headquarter offices are located at 92 East Main St. Somerville, NJ. Stephen Baker, Senior Partner and President, is confident the new location will support his belief that it is essential his firm remains well rooted its community. Stephen also feels the new location better reflects the personality of the firm.


The open house took place on December 1, 2016 at the Somerville, NJ location. In attendance were elected town officials from Somerville, members of the Somerville Downtown Alliance, officers of the Somerset County Business Partnership, numerous local downtown business owners and many of Baker and Rannells’ current clients and vendors.
“The open house was a great success,” said Stephen Baker. “ and a great way to kick-off the upcoming holiday season.”
For more information please contact Baker and Rannells, PA at

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Baker & Rannells, P.A.
Protecting Brilliance: Top Reasons to Trademark Your Brand or Company Name
by Jack Branowski
November 2016
The most valuable brands in the world are recognized by nearly everyone on the planet at a glance. The Golden Arches. That iconic swoosh. The apple.
Whatever your opinion of the products behind them, you know exactly what they stand for and what company makes them. The companies behind these brands spend a significant portion of their time protecting their brands. Whether your company is large or small, you should copy their example and trademark your brand and/or company name, too.
What Happens When You Register Your Brand as a Trademark?
When you register your brand as a trademark, it is immediately recognized within the registry of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once identified and recognized, this registration discourages domestic and possibly foreign third parties from adopting or using a trademark similar to yours.
If another filer attempts to file a trademark that is confusingly similar to your existing trademark, the USPTO attorney examiner will identify your trademark and refuse registration to the new trademark. This can prevent infringements and save you the effort of taking legal action to stop a third party from copying your brand. What is even better, you pay nothing for the USPTO to do this.
7 Reasons to Trademark Your Brand
There are numerous reasons to trademark your brand or company name. Here are seven of the most compelling:
• You’re protected until proven otherwise. A trademark registration is prima facie evidence of validity of the registration, the registrant’s ownership of the trademark and the registrant’s exclusive right to use the trademark in commerce.

• Get help enforcing your rights. When a trademark registration reaches its fifth anniversary, it becomes incontestable (provided it was in continuous use). This precludes an attack by third parties on the basis of functionality or descriptiveness. This is extremely helpful when enforcing your trademark rights against would-be infringers.

• Widen your net. A trademark registration is typically national in scope and effective as of the date of application. This is extremely important because the United States is a first-to-use vs. first-to-file jurisdiction. Without a registration, your rights may be limited to your geographic trade area.

• Get the ® behind your brand. That little ® packs a powerful punch. The trademark registration owner has the right to use the ® device, which puts consumers and competitors on notice regarding your trademark rights.

• Extends your rights. A trademark registration extends your rights throughout the entire United States.

• More damages. A trademark registration provides statutory damages in lieu of having to prove actual damages.

• Protects against imported infringement of trademark. A registration can be recorded with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to bar the importation of goods bearing infringement of your trademark.
Interested in Protecting Your Intellectual Property?

For more information about trademark and copyright laws, or to speak to an experienced intellectual property attorney about protecting your brand or company name, contact Baker & Rannells, P.A. at .

Baker and Rannells, P.A. Travels to Bali for APAA 2016 Conference

October 6, 2016

Baker and Rannells, P.A. Travels to Bali for APAA 2016 Conference

By Jack Branowski

In keeping with the opening of their new office in Guangzhou, China, Baker and Rannells, PA, Intellectual Property Attorneys, will attend the 66th Annual Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) Conference.

Established in December 1969, the APAA is open to individuals practicing the profession of patent attorney in the Asian region. The APAA is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting and enhancing intellectual property protection in the Asian region (including Australia and New Zealand).

For more information please contact Baker and Rannells, PA at .



Part 2: Strengthening Alliances in China

September 2016
Part 2: Strengthening Alliances in China
By Jack Branowski

We are back! The trip to China, taken by Baker and Rannells, P.A., President and Senior Partner, Stephen L. Baker and Associate Attorney, Pei-Lun Chang, yielded all intended results.

In September 2016 Baker and Rannells, PA, the notable and highly regarded law firm specializing in intellectual property law, initiated the first step of its planned expansion into China. During the ten day trip we strengthened alliances and cooperative efforts with our strategic partners. We also reaffirmed our law firm’s dedication to our already strong list of clients based in China.

There was a renewed sense of need for the removal of roadblocks faced by Chinese companies looking to move into U.S. markets, adding to the list of Chinese needs beginning with licensing, trade mark registration and patent filings. There are also new and renewed concerns in the areas of client vetting, enforcement of client intellectual property rights and immigration law representation  for businesses and individuals.

 China Trip joint exhibit

Baker & Rannells / Huake Joint Exhibition (See Blog Pt. 1)

The most exciting benefit of the trip to China is the newly expanded relationship Baker and Rannells, P.A. will enjoy with its strategic partner, Huake Law Firm. Through this enhanced relationship with Huake (practice limited to China), both Baker and Rannells and the Huake Law Firm will each maintain offices within the other’s headquarters location. This gives each firm access to local talent, knowledge, expertise and services which are vital to accommodate the needs of their respective clients in both China and in the United States.

B&R sign at Huake office

Baker & Rannells New Office within Huake

Baker & Rannells is excited and appreciative for every one of its clients in all the countries we service. Now through our continued and expanded endeavors in China, we are excited about our expanded client service the firm now offers and about the cultural expansion our relationship with Huake provides.

 Huake HQ 1

Huake Law Firm – Yuexiu No. 198 North Road, 19th Floor, Guangzho, China

Check back in October 2016 for information and an update as Huake Law Firm visits the United States and on the Baker and Rannells, P.A. trip to the APAA2016 in Bali.

For more information please contact Baker and Rannells, PA at .

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Part 1: Strengthening Alliances in China

This is a very exciting time for Baker and Rannells, PA, the notable and highly regarded law firm specializing in intellectual property law, as we eagerly initiate the first step of our planned expansion into China.

Stephen L. Baker, President and named partner of Baker and Rannells, and Attorney Pei-Lun Chang, have scheduled an exciting ten day trip to China from August 9 through August 19, 2016.  While visiting Guangzhou, Shen Zhen and other parts of China, Attorneys Baker and Chang will attend and exhibit at the annual meeting of the International Overseas Trade Fair (OCTF). The OCTF promotes overseas import and export expansion efforts in China and is sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Think Tank (OCTT).

Strengthening Alliances in ChinaAttorney John M. Rannells, the other named partner of our prestigious firm, spoke enthusiastically regarding the trip to China. Referencing an even stronger alliance and cooperative effort with its current strategic partners, Attorney Rannells looks forward to a highly anticipated attorney exchange program with his firm and that of its strategic partners. He also believes his firm’s dedication to the Chinese market will be demonstrated through the increase of attention, talent and resources being allocated. He is confident these efforts will lead to an increase of his firm’s current Chinese client base as well.

Local markets and manufacturing zones will also be of interest. Here Attorneys Baker and Chang will be working with various domestic and overseas social organizations, business associations and current local strategic alliance partners of Baker and Rannells.

It is the goal of all involved in the Baker and Rannells expansion effort, to reinforce and strengthen the already solid relationships Baker and Rannells enjoys with its current China based clients and strategic partners. Baker and Rannells, PA plans to increase its recognition as a leading source for the Chinese markets intellectual property legal needs.

Check back in September for Part 2, an update and learnings from the trip.

For more information please contact Baker and Rannells, PA at

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Top Trademark Attorneys Recognized in the CSC® Trademark Insider® Annual Report

Although the Trademark Insider® Annual Report is no longer published, the performance of the firm Baker and Rannells, PA and the firm’s President/Chief Attorney Stephen L. Baker to the present time has remained at least as significantly strong as is illustrated by the figures presented below.

Corporation Service Company® (CSC®), a leading provider of trademark research and watching, brand monitoring, and domain name management services, published the Trademark Insider® Annual Report until 2010.

A quarterly publication on the trademark industry, the report provided a ranking of leading trademark practitioners, insight into overall trademark filing activity, and analysis of overall industry trends.

Trademark Insider® Award was determined by calculating the number of times an individual law firm and/or attorney is listed in the Correspondent field of all USPTO applications submitted during a particular calendar year.

“It is a great achievement to be recognized as one of the top trademark practitioners,” said Rod Ward, President and CEO of CSC ” in 2010. We congratulate all those who received ranking on this year’s (2010) list, especially those that won an esteemed CSC® Trademark Insider® Award.”

Top Trademark Attorneys Recognized in the CSC® Trademark Insider® Annual Report

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Do I NEED to register my trademark?

We often get questions from business owners whether they should register their logo or trade name. According to USPTO, who manages incoming applications and issues trademarks, there are several advantages to officially register your trademark.


1. You are declaring to the general public that you have claim of ownership of the mark

2. You have legal coverage and right to exclusively to use the registered mark nationwide

3. You have the ability to bring any action regarding violations of the mark by others in federal court

4. You can use of the U.S registration as a starting point to obtain registration in other countries

5. You have the ability to file the U.S. trademark registration with the U.S. Customs Service in order to prevent importation of infringing foreign goods


Note that you can use the TM (trademark) or SM (service mark) designation to alert the public to your claim. You can use the R (registered mark) only after USPTO officially registers the mark. This asserts that you have legal protection and exclusive right to use the mark. Click here to read more about trademarks.


Tips and Resources to File Trademark

A trademark includes any name, word, symbol, or device used, in business to distinguish the goods of one company from another. A trademark is a brand name and a valuable asset that should be protected.

1. Pick Wisely
There are four main kinds of trademarks:
Descriptive (Ex: Honey Bunches of Oats)
Suggestive (Ex: Jaguar)
Arbitrary; (Ex: Apple)
Fanciful (Ex: Kodak)

Note that descriptive trademarks are less likely to get approved when you compare them with the other three.

2. Be Unique
The trademark must be sufficiently unique in order to be approved, to be protectable and to keep away infringement complaints. USPTO will analyze your trademark application and compare with other approved trademarks to gauge the uniqueness.

3. Clear Drawing and Specimen
USPTO would expect a clear drawing of the mark to be submitted with the paperwork. Make sure the drawing matches the mark on the specimen. For products submit the actual label or tags used on the product packaging. For services use brochure or magazine advertisement that clearly shows the mark.

You can keep track of your trademark application by entering your registration number here:

You can find more resources and help here:


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